• Renee Blanchard

Happy 2 Months of Business!

So much has happened since we opened November 29th, nearly 2 months ago! I can honestly say, I never dreamed the first two months would be as fun as they were. I anticipated it being slow (since it's winter), to struggle to find inventory (since it's winter) and to be closing constantly from weather...since it know...winter. :)

BUT the town of Alpena has shown me that they truly love supporting small businesses and I cannot tell you how appreciative my little family is. Antiques and vintage items have long been a passion of mine. I was raised by two lovers of antiques and spent much of my family vacations and weekends going to antique shops wherever we were. Some of my favorite memories are stopping at random run down antique shops and treasure hunting with my parents. To this day, I can't walk into my mother's house without being within 5 feet of an antique at any moment. It ingrained in me the NEED to preserve old things and that they are meant to be used, enjoyed and loved, even today.

These past two months we have sold 114 items from our store and added even more back into the store! I've been working hard to find unique vintage/antique gems from all over Michigan and some even from other states and so each week there are new items in the store! One of my goals is that items would be priced approximately 60% of what you'd find online so that items will move quickly and make room for more wonderful gems. It's my desire that you'd be able to come in every week and find a new and exciting vintage item for your household or wardrobe!

We've been so blessed that many of you have even come in and brought us items from your parents, grandparents and great grandparents! We love hearing the stories and feel so honored when you choose to donate or sell your vintage/antique items to us. It is not something we take lightly as every item was loved by someone and has many wonderful memories attached to it. These items are not just "things", they are a part of many family's stories and they help bring back lovely memories for those who come shopping in our little store.

If you have not already, please "like" our page on Facebook since we post our "Vintage Gem of the Day" item that you won't want to miss! If you want to support us, we would also LOVE if you would consider sharing our posts and telling your friends about us. The winter months are often a struggle for downtown small businesses and so the more word of mouth, the better chance we have of thriving this winter. Every dollar you spend, every post you share, every person you tell helps our family and children immensely! We don't take it for granted!

Thank you all for an amazing 2 first months of business, we are loving being here and hope you've loved being a part of our beginning. We can't wait to continue bringing vintage treasures to downtown Alpena for many years to come!

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