• Renee Blanchard

Planning not panicking

So the time has come for us to make some plans for how we are going to handle the Coronavirus spread and government recommendations. Currently, our government recommendations don't restrict us from operating but we are planning to make some adjustments to how we operate and expanding our services to help you still be able to shop straight from your home!

The first thing we are doing is working to get 90% of our inventory online. This is a BIG undertaking so bear with us as we work towards this goal. We currently have 135 of our items but there are SOOOOO many more items to add so will be working non-stop to get them all posted so you can go into our website and shop anytime, day or night.

The second thing we are doing is adding free delivery within the Alpena city limits for the next four weeks. As long as we stay healthy, we will be able to deliver whatever you purchase online for free so you don't have to come out and pick it up! To do this, please select "Pick up in store" on the online shipping option so it does not charge shipping cost and then contact us directly to let us know where you are located so we can get you your items.

Finally, we are currently still running our normal business hours BUT we may limit that in the following weeks so please keep an eye on our Facebook page for current updates and we will update our blog if any major decisions are made.

We want you to stay healthy and we hope some of these efforts will help you stay healthy AND allow you to shop amazing unique vintage items at the same time!

As ever, we are so appreciative of your support for our small business. We LOVE what we do and could not do it without your support. We will continue to find awesome vintage goodies and bring these gems back into our everyday lives one item at a time!

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