• Renee Blanchard

We're back, BABY!

We're so excited to be back open following COVID-19 business shutdowns! Yes, our hours are adjusted and there are some new social distancing recommendations but WE'RE FINALLY OPEN! Whoohoo! It feels so good to get back to work!

We have some new inventory that I'm really excited about! We are also beginning two new exciting things each week. The first is:

Wonder Wednesdays: Each week, we will take on a vintage topic and learn about it together! What questions about vintage items have you been wondering about? What questions have come up when you're shopping that you weren't able to answer? Each week I'll do a short video blog on a different vintage topic and we'll discover together! I'm constantly learning and so this is a great opportunity to provide some education on vintage items and expand my own knowledge! Today I'll be doing a short video later today on vintage jewelry clasps and how to date them, know which pieces are more valuable etc. Next week we'll be covering clips! Shoe clips, dress clips, brooches etc. I love clips!

Freebie Fridays: Each Friday we will be posting an item for a free giveaway on Facebook! All you have to do to be put in the running is comment on the post and you'll be entered in to win in a random drawing done Saturday! The items will vary each week and so keep an eye on our Facebook page each week for the new giveaway item!

We're super excited about all of the things we have coming and can't wait to share more with you as we go through the summer! Make sure you "like" our Facebook page and share with your friends! We love all of our customers and hope to see you all shopping in the store soon!

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