• Renee Blanchard


I LOVE brooches! I have a love for anything shiny and so brooches certainly fit that bill. They are so varied in their styles, shapes, sizes, design elements...there is no end to the creativity of a brooch and what it can add to an outfit! I adore them!

Today, we're going to be talking about dating brooches, styles of brooches and I'll be showing some different vintage and antique brooches that range from 5 dollars to 250 dollars!

This video had to be done in two parts because my computer died halfway through! Goops! So once you finish the first video, scroll down and you'll see the remainder of the video. :)

Here is part 2! Boy this was a day for me. :)

I hope you enjoyed the discussion on brooches! The Trifari L'Orient that I showed in this video sold a few days later for $245! Some brooches are rare and still VERY collectable so check your jewelry boxes at home and see what you have! If you have any questions, bring them in to me and I'll take a look to see if I can help you identify the brand or date them. Have a wonderful day and keep enjoying all things vintage!

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