1950s Necklace by "Star Jewelry Co."

1950s Necklace by "Star Jewelry Co."

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This is a fantastic fun necklace! This is from the 1950s from a company called "Star Jewlery Co." It is marked "Star" on metal j-hook. As all j-hook 50s necklaces, it is adjustable to be worn tight or more loose. Star Jewelry Co. was in business from the 1940s to the 1960s in Texas. They specialized in thermoplastics and rhinestone jewelry. 


What is amazing and unique about this particular pieces (the only one like it in my store!) is that the green beads glow under UV blacklight! Much like my depression era uranium glass, some beads were made with materials that would fluoresce! An items ability to fluoresce can be from an additive like the uranium that is added to depression glass to color it and glows green, or it can be from a natural substance that naturally fluoresces like amber. The larger beads in this necklace are a man-made composite as they each have a mold seam. However, the way the green ones were made differs from the others which allows it to fluoresce beautifully under black light! This necklace is not only beautiful in the daylight but fun and stunning at night under UV light, as well! 


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