Art Deco Blonde Celluloid Hair Comb

Art Deco Blonde Celluloid Hair Comb

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For centuries, until the 1920s, when women began to shorten their hair, ladies would wear their hair very long and then wrap it up with variations of beautiful hair combs. These combs were made of various materials including ivory, shell or horn. In the late 1800s, they began to make them out of celluloid and these quickly grew in popularity for about 40 years until the shorter hair styles came into popularity in the 20s.


Hair combs were identified in the position they were worn on the head. These items were often adorned with colored or clear rhinestones and often mimiced the colors of shell or bone. They often also had beautiful celluloid filigree that was a popular style of art deco hair combs. Hair combs were highly valued and would have been passed down as heirlooms. While good condition art deco hair combs are getting harder to find, they are still highly collectable.


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