Black Fenton Swung Hobnail Vase

Black Fenton Swung Hobnail Vase

SKU: 10001819

This is a stunning and rare black Fenton Swung Vase. Swung vases were created when the glassblower held the “gather” on the end of the blow pipe and, using a special tool swung the molten glass in a circle to elongate it. They were hand-blown, then hand-swung to lengthen, and then the opening was hand-tooled and heat polished smooth. The vases were literally swung around to produce the neck, with stunning results. 


Fenton was known for swung vases, and can often be recognized because virtually no Fenton pieces have a pontil mark on the bottom. This is because Fenton used snap rings instead of punty rods to hold the glass during manufacture. You'll see on the bottom of this vase that it is smooth even though it was hand blown by a glassblower. 


These are very unique and while you can find many swung vases still on the market, the black fenton are becoming very difficult to find and are exceptionally beautiful! This beauty is in great vintage condition. 


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