Early 1900s German Silver Mesh Flapper Coin Purse

Early 1900s German Silver Mesh Flapper Coin Purse

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Early 1900s mesh coin purse marked "G. Silver" which means German Silver. German Silver is not sterling silver; it is often also called Nickel Silver and is a mix of alloys. This purse has an amazing design on the top and is in good antique condition outside of one link that has disconnected and one of the dangles on the corner missing. The inside is in remarkable condition for its age! Most of these that you find have the inside removed because the lining would crack and break over time. This one still has the lining intact and has the tiniest little pocket. 


These go for much more online and are such an amazing antique piece to have in your collection! Look at the pics to see the condition and the things I mentioned, they are minor when looking at the overall condition of such an old purse. This was obviously very well cared for! 


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