Green Aladdin Corinthian Mantle Lamp

Green Aladdin Corinthian Mantle Lamp

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I've been working for 6 months to get my hands on an Aladdin lamp and I finally did! This is a STUNNING Nu Type Model B Aladdin Lamp! Aladdin lamps are heralded as the best non-electric lamp light and have been lighting homes for more than a century!


These lamps were created in 1909 by salesman Victor S. Johnson who saw the superior light being used by the Germans, wanted to bring that type of mantle lighting to America. Johnson had studied in poor lighting in his youth and felt strongly he wanted to bring that same bright lighting to America. By 1919, Aladdin Industries was formed and they had full control over their manufacturing. They began producing lamps like this one in the early 1930s with their own mantles and glass chimneys.


WWII played a significant role in the history of Aladdin lamps. As the war effort intensified, electric lamps were temporarily discontinued by 1943. Aladdin was granted permission to use copper by the War Production Board, because the use of Aladdin kerosene lamps reduced the need for copper wire to electrify homes. Victor S. Johnson died suddenly in 1943, and his son took over the company after being discharged from the army in 1945. Four years later, Johnson Jr. relocated the Aladdin headquarters from Chicago to Nashville, where it remains today.


This lamp is a corinthian style and in beautiful vintage condition! It has it's original burner and will come with a brand new mantle in the box. It also has a brand new chimney that is extra tall to add up to 20% more brightness to the light. These lamps are much larger than most oil lamps most people are accustomed to seeing and using. These are the best of the best in non-electrified lamps and this is a fabulous example of one!


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