Green Aurora Borealis 1950s/60s set necklace plus brooch

Green Aurora Borealis 1950s/60s set necklace plus brooch

SKU: 10002248

This is an amazing green aurora borealis necklace with stunning glass beads and a beautiful box clasp! This necklace and matching brooch are from the 50s/60s and are in stunning vintage condition! They were not originally a matching set but they go together so well that I'm pairing them as a set! 


Aurora Borealis was first created in the 1950s when they discovered they could micro-plate blue metal onto glass and crystal to create a sparkling effect that picked up the color of the material it was put on or the colors around it. It was named after the Northern Lights as this was the effect they were hoping to mimic. It was wildly popular in 50s jewelry but went out of popularity in the 60s and was only used in a limited manner after that. This is a beautiful example of aurora borealis on glass green beads! 


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