Mid-Century Ceramic Head Vase

Mid-Century Ceramic Head Vase

This is such an amazing vintage find! Head Vases were made from the 40s to the 70s and were often made by flower shops to display their flowers in their window displays. Known for their light, dainty features, graceful expressions, and willowy outlines, the “ladies” depicted on these vases give us great insight into how women were portrayed, and practically idealized 50-80 years ago. Some of them were crafted after famous ladies in the day such as Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy. There are even some rare ones of male stars such as Elvis. Following World War II, several manufacturers in Japan (whose economy, by that time, experienced a sudden growth spurt) decided to produce these special head planters, and imported them to the U.S. for cheaper prices. The most sought after remain the USA made Head Vases. By the '70s, production of head vases had unfortunately become nearly obsolete.


This beautiful Head Vase is all white and in great vintage condition with only moderate crazing! It shows a fabulous lady with a wide brim hat and fabulously done hair! This Head Vase is an earlier example of an American made Head Vase. Use for decoration in your home, in your bathroom to hold makeup brushes, as a vase for flowers or use on your office desk for pens etc. So many options for this fabulous vintage work of art!


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